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Welcome to the St. Louis Painting Contractor Blog provided by Kennedy Painting. Topics blogged about below include many painting tips and articles from our expert contractors, resources, specials, news and other updates from our team here at Kennedy Painting.

5 Interior Painting Tips to Try Before Selling Your St. Louis Home

interior painting before selling a home

If you are looking for a way to quickly boost your home’s marketability and make it stand out from the crowd, there really is no better option than interior painting. Sure, exterior curb appeal is crucial too, but there’s something specifically enticing about clean, fresh walls that need nothing and are ready for personalized decorating….

How Do You Clean Painted Kitchen Cabinets?

painting kitchen cabinets

There’s a lot to love about painting kitchen cabinets. Endless options, updated style, more economical than a replacement, and the list goes on… The only thing that holds most homeowners back is a lingering fear that painted cabinetry just isn’t as durable, or that a single washing will leave the finish ruined and their dollars…

How Do You Paint a Hutch to Match Your Cabinets? We’ll Show You!

If you follow our blog or social media channels, you probably know by now that we paint a lot of kitchen cabinets here in the St. Louis area. Well, a lot of surfaces in general (check out our exterior and interior painting services here), but cabinets tend to get extra attention during our colder winter…

How Do You Pick a Paint Color?

choosing interior paint colors in St Louis

Let’s face it. Stressing about paint colors turns what should be an exciting, fun project into, well, something less than exciting and fun. Settling on a color feels like a permanent, major choice, and something you’ll either be stuck with or absolutely love for years. It’s a big deal, but it doesn’t need to be…

Should You Paint Indoors During the Winter? Yes, and Here’s Why

wintertime interior painting tips

Things are always changing and advancing in the world of painting. Color trends emerge, hot new products make a splash, and techniques and equipment evolve. And, perhaps most exciting, painting products get better and better. One awesome example of this is the development of low and zero-VOC paints. These formulas are created without the use…

Wallpaper Removal and Interior Painting in St. Louis

For many local homeowners, wallpaper is the bane of their existence. Not only is it outdated, pointing back to decades far away in the rearview mirror, but homeowners like you also know that stripping it off will be one of the toughest projects they’ve ever tackled. That kills their motivation, keeping them stuck in a…

Cabinet Painting in St. Louis – A Closer Look At Our Process!

Cabinet painting has exploded in popularity lately, and it’s not too hard to see why. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it sets the pace in many ways for your overall style. And, updates to the kitchen offer some of the highest returns on investment of any home improvement project. Simply put,…

5 Pre-Holiday Interior Painting Tips – Maximize Your Time!

interior painting St Louis

If you’re reading this before the holidays and this blog is hot off the press, so to speak, this is written just for you. If you’re reading this a few months down the road and just like fast results, well, this is for you too. If you are in no rush at all and just…

Tips for Safely Painting Around Pets in Your St. Louis Home

While there is still some time left in the exterior painting season, the major focus these days is interior painting. It makes sense. Colder weather drives us indoors, and we naturally want to improve and update our environments. Keeping active and productive through winter is essential too! And, with guests, family, and friends on their…

Did You Hear? We’re Giving Away $5,000 of FREE Painting Services!

We’re Painting It Forward! This is an exciting time for all of us at Kennedy Painting. Why? We’re holding our first ever Paint It Forward charity painting event, providing $5,000 of free painting services to a local nonprofit organization. This city has given us a lot and been a wonderful place to call home. As…

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