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How to Paint a Bedroom Using a Roller in Town and Country, MO

  Thanks to Howtopaintinfo for this great video!There are a couple of really good points on how to paint a bedroom in this demonstration that we’ve elaborated on below:

Good as New: Outdoor Lounge Furniture Refinishing Project in Ladue, MO.

This winter we did an outdoor furniture “makeover” for one of our clients in Ladue, Missouri. The project involved 4 lounge chairs, 6 chairs, 3 benches, 1 larger table, and 1 smaller table. Refinish Outdoor Lounge Furniture: Brand New Look and Weather Protected We used the product: Penofin Hardwood Formula Penetrating Oil Finish. Penofin’s Hardwood Formula Penetrating Oil Finish contains Brazilian…

Dry Fall Commercial Painting Project in Hazelwood, MO

This is a project we did in Hazelwood, MO, over 2 days in a food manufacturing and processing facility. Due to the sensitivity of the food preparation areas, site isolation and clean up was crucial in this painting project.First, we began by isolating the area to be coated with the DryFog paint with thick plastic…

Should I Paint or Stain My Fence? Outdoor Painting Tips for Glendale, MO.

We definitely recommend staining over painting. While there are good quality exterior latex paints, in regards to your wooden fence staining is the better way to go.Cracking or Fading? The Lesser of Two Evils with an Aging Wood Fence.

How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Room in High Ridge, MO?

There are different styles of painting, and as professional painters we always think of the infinite combinations of paint and unforeseen situations. That is why we always recommend you contact a professional and get an accurate quote for your home and scenario. However, in most instances the following prices are fairly accurate for estimating your budget. Bedroom: $300 12×14…

Painting Walls and Built-Ins in Ballwin, MO

We recently finished an interior painting project for a homeowner who has a beautiful, but unique, design structure in their home. Specifically, they have a set of built-ins that fills one end of the room and, in conjunction with the wainscoting, leaves very little actual wall space.Rather than choose paint colors that favored only the…

Painting Is A Great Remodeling Choice

St. Louis and other area homeowners can be faced with the decision of how best to change their home in order to make it function for their family. Different life events can make our first decisions in paint color choices or space design outdated and no longer functional. Weddings, babies, job changes, relatives moving in,…

Choosing the Best Interior Paint Sheen for Your Project in St. Louis County

You might not be the kind of person who enjoys hanging out in a paint supply store (that’s generally more suited for paint enthusiasts like us!), but if you have, you know that the options seem, well, limitless. Those colorful little cards and swatches go on for miles, wrapping around the corner and out of…

Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Brentwood

When it comes to popular interior painting techniques and styles, painted kitchen cabinets are resting comfortably near the top of the list. Why? Because painting your cabinets opens nearly limitless options for style and custom finishes that can be tailored to your preferences.

Refreshing Interior Paint and Plasterwork in St. Louis City’s Central West End

As a professional painting company, we have the privilege of being invited to many, many homes of all shapes, sizes, and styles. It keeps things interesting and fresh, as every job is just a little different.Occasionally we have the opportunity to work in an especially unique, beautiful place. Such was the case when we were…

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