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Tips for Staining and Caring for Your New Deck or Fence in St. Louis

Do you have a freshly-installed deck or fence? Fantastic! The key now is to take the steps necessary to make sure your new wood is cared for and set up for a long and healthy life. We have a few tips and product suggestions for you below that will help with exactly that. And, for…

Exterior Painting in Wildwood, MO – Framing a Beautiful Brick Home with Classic Color

Before we get into the details of this project, we should take a moment or two to let the sheer beauty of this Wildwood home soak in.    Amazing, isn’t it? We had the opportunity once again to work in conjunction with Ladd Suydam Contracting, which is always a pleasure. For a closer look at…

Porch Painting and Restoration in the Central West End

St. Louis’ Central West End is a beautiful neighborhood, filled with attractions, restaurants, vibrant atmosphere, and maybe most importantly, a rich history.  While painting and home restoration is always a satisfying process to be a part of, there is something especially fulfilling about working on old homes that have weathered a lot of life. Helping…

Exterior Painting in Sunset Hills – Delivering Southwestern Spice to a Bland Color Scheme

We all need a little change every now and then. From hairstyles to our favorite pair of pants, eventually an update will be required. The same is true for your property! As a case in point, we recently had the opportunity to help a client in Sunset Hills with the process of bringing some fresh,…

How Do You Choose Your Next Exterior Paint Color? – Tips for Painters in St. Louis

Exterior painting is a fun process! It’s a chance to watch beautiful new colors wrap themselves around your home, replacing tired and worn surfaces. It also offers peace of mind! After all, quality paint is essentially a suit of armor for your property, protecting it from weather, contaminants, and decay. But, before you can really…

Commercial Interior Painting in Brentwood

Creating an Inviting Place to Meet with Clients When people paint their homes, a tremendous amount of time is often spent on analyzing paint swatches, deliberating between colors, wondering how the shades might change once the product dries, what their mother-in-law will think, and the list goes on… Why? Well, it’s important to take pride…

How Does Rain Impact the Time It Takes Exterior Paint to Dry in St. Louis?


In the past two months we have seen a record amount of rainfall here in eastern Missouri and towards the west. We all remember the rains in 1993; it was the 22nd wettest May and June for the region. This year we are already the 16th wettest May and June on record. 

How to Paint with Black Paint and Get Away With It… St. Louis, MO, Painting

4 Common Misconceptions about the Color Black:   

What Is the Best Paint to Use in a Bedroom in St Louis, MO?

What Is the Best Paint to Use in a Bedroom? An experienced painter will squint his eyes and hold his temples as he tries to answer this big question. There are, after all, multiple elements to consider, including:

How to Paint a Bedroom Using a Roller in Town and Country, MO

  Thanks to Howtopaintinfo for this great video! There are a couple of really good points on how to paint a bedroom in this demonstration that we’ve elaborated on below:

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