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Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark! 5 Tips for Painting with Darker Colors

painting with dark colors

Light, bright, and friendly interior paint colors are popular (and for good reason), but they are far from your only option. Dark colors get a bad rap too quickly, often based on assumptions that they’ll make a space feel small, uninviting, and depressing. That just doesn’t have to be the case! Here are a few…

2 Ways to Elevate Your Home’s Style with Interior Paint This Fall

We’re going to take a wild guess here… When you finish painting a room, you probably consider the project done after the walls are dry, you push the furniture back into place, and your tools are cleaned and ready for the next time inspiration strikes. Does that sound about right? What if we told you…

Could Neutral Interior Paint Colors Work In Your St. Louis Home?

As a professional painting company we like to keep a pulse on emerging paint color trends. This definitely helps us to guide and inspire our clients, but we also just love to stay current on what’s happening in the industry. And, well, color is a pretty big part of the house painting scene. You may…

4 Surprising Benefits of Exterior Painting Before Winter in St. Louis

If you’re a little upset that we just mentioned winter while it’s still August, we understand. But, as unwelcome as it might be, it’s not uncalled for. We may be just barely stepping from summer into a new school year, but, if we’ve learned anything from past years, it’s that the hop from summer to…

Commercial Painting for a St. Louis Gymnasium

When it comes to a high-energy sporting event, there are a few things you want to avoid: bad food, a lousy mascot, a star player with the stomach flu, and banana-yellow walls. Well, we added that last one, but we think it’s important enough to include. Don’t you? In the case of this St. Louis…

Have You Heard About Our New Customer Care Center?

St Louis painting company call center

Thanks to the digital age we live in, there are numerous ways you can get in touch with us (or almost any business!). We have active social pages, a frequently-updated website, email contact, forums for online reviews, and the list goes on… There still, however, is just no substitute for the good ole fashioned telephone….

Refreshing a Historic St. Louis Home with Exterior Paint

exterior painting in St Louis

Who doesn’t love the charm of a historic home? Our painters are thrilled when they get the opportunity to refresh one of these local gems. So, they were especially pleased with how this two-story St. Louis home came to life with the help of gorgeous exterior paint colors, carefully selected by our color coordinator. As…

What Are the Benefits of Power Washing Your St. Louis Home?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words… So, what is the picture above telling you? Well, it might just be saying that it’s time to power wash your house. Why Power Wash Your Home’s Surfaces? Just like rain does a terrible job washing your car, factors like rain, mold, mildew, chimney soot, dirt,…

Bringing Stunning Exterior Paint Color to a Rectory in St. Louis

exterior painting in St Louis

For this particular exterior painting project, the photos drive the story. They’re stunning, aren’t they? This simultaneously simple and elegant property is a rectory, tucked next to a Catholic Church here in St. Louis. As we’ve touched on before, it’s always important to take the fixed colors of a property into consideration when choosing a…

Picking White Interior Paint – So Many Options!

You know, white interior paint is one of the most popular color options of 2016. It’s really not too hard to see why! While it used to be considered cold, clinical, or even boring, it’s now being appreciated for what it is: an incredibly versatile option. When you go to pick a white paint, however,…

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