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Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Brentwood

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When it comes to popular interior painting techniques and styles, painted kitchen cabinets are resting comfortably near the top of the list. Why? Because painting your cabinets opens nearly limitless options for style and custom finishes that can be tailored to your preferences. And, it is also a way to completely transform your kitchen for a fraction of the price that an entire cabinet replacement calls for.

How can you go wrong?

Custom, White Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen cabinet painting in brentwood

This particular project in Brentwood involved completely refreshing our client’s oak cabinets, starting with necessary repairs, then a coat of primer followed by two top coats. For maximum efficiency we removed the doors and drawers and sprayed those in our shop.

The color is an off-white satin, custom-matched to their trim. The effect is bright, clean, and modern, and it pairs beautifully with the gorgeous existing countertops. And, perhaps best of all, this project only took one week!

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