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My First Painter For a Day Experience

A Walk Down Memory Lane

By Jeremy Adams

I thought it was best this week to share about my first experience when we began a new service several years ago called a, “Painter For a Day.” Basically it was a way for new customers to sample our services for a small daily rate and for existing customers to get misc. painting projects completed. So here it goes. It was a fun “first experience!” 

Do It Yourself Experience 

We sold our first Painter For a Day to a young couple that just moved into the Maplewood area, into their very first house either had ever owned. They were excited and ambitious to make it their own. They went out and bought paint in the colors they fell in love with, they bought roller pans, roller handles, a couple drop clothes, brushes, masking tape and a few gimmick items they saw at the store. They were all ready… until it really set in that this was their first home and they wanted it right, but neither had painted before. The anxiety of doing it right took over!

Painting Along Side a Pro

Once they realized they were not ready to handle this project, Kennedy Painting stepped in. They called for an estimate and after hearing what they had going, we offered our Painter for a Day. The couple had the rooms ready to go exactly how we asked them to prepare, furniture was in the middle of the rooms, cover plates were off, switches and outlets and all their supplies were in an organized area in the center of the house. I brought extra drop clothes, extra equipment, additional sundries that might be needed and we were ready to go.

I spent the first 15 minutes of the day explaining what were going to do and who was going to do what. I spent a couple minutes explaining how to mask off trim and we got started on that. Once masked off, I gave a 5 minute demo on how to cut a line, followed by a 5 minute demo on how to roll a wall. The couple caught on quickly and away we went. One of us masked ahead of the room we were in; two of us started to cut in. As the masking completed in the room ahead, the other joined us and rolled the walls behind us. We followed this pattern with the couple switching back and forth, getting a feel for cutting and rolling. They were superstars! We were able to 2 coat 4 rooms that day, get 1 coat on a 5th room before my time was upWe transferred the paint they needed to finish to their supplies and they were ready to finish the rest of their project on their own They gained confidence as the day went on, and I believe they were ready to take on any other painting project they desired.

I found it to be a very fulfilling experience, not only helping them get this big project done, but helping them learn a little bit about what we at Kennedy do each and everyday! I think I boosted their confidence too! 

Do You Want To Dance I Mean Paint With The Stars?

The Painter For a Day really is the best way to get to know a painting company before committing to a larger project. Or if you really want to do the project yourself and want a real professional superstar painter to help you out, we can do that too (as seen by the experience above). Either way, we want to help and keep your home looking its best! So give us a call at 314.952.0156 today or send an email. We’d love to be of service. Thanks for reading too.

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