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Planning an Interior Painting Project? We Have 2 Tips for Avoiding Paint Odor and VOCs

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Visually speaking, interior painting is a beautiful process. Watching repairs, scuffs, and faded old colors be covered by crisp coats of primer and paint is hugely satisfying. Just ask us; it’s what we do all day and it hasn’t gotten old yet.

Especially during this time of year when windows are tightly closed and there isn’t exactly a lot of air exchange, there is one common question that we encounter: is there a way to avoid the smell of fresh paint? Whether you are concerned about chemicals in your home or are sensitive to smells (maybe both!), this is a legitimate question.

We have a couple of answers that might just help you get a bit more excited about your next interior painting project here in St. Louis.

Option 1: Have You Heard of Low and Zero-VOC Paint?

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are included in the solvent within your paint’s formula. After you roll or brush it into place, the VOCs evaporate and that all-too-familiar smell of fresh paint begins to grow.

With the goal of being both environmentally-conscious and responsive to customer concerns, low and zero-VOC paint formulas have been developed (and perfected). These products are ideal for painting spaces that either need to be occupied during the painting process or maybe can only be out of commission for a very short amount of time.

And, of course, low-VOC paint is also ideal for the St. Louis homeowner who is interested in a winter-time interior painting project.

If you’d like to learn more about a couple of the most popular options, just take a look here: Benjamin Moore’s Natura line, or Sherwin-Williams’ Promar 200.

Option 2: Replace Paint Odor with Paint Scentsations

This is a product that we have only just begun to try, but we’ve received positive feedback so far. It’s an additive that is directly mixed with your paint of choice during each coat. While it doesn’t block or eliminate VOCs, it does add a long-lasting, pleasant alternative to the chemical smell of paint.

If you’d like to learn more about odor options and how it works, be sure to visit Paint Scentsations’ here.

Can we help with your next interior painting project? It would be our pleasure to guide you through your product options, making the best decision for your specific needs and goals.

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