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Kitchens are one of the most used and lived-in rooms of the home, and they also receive more wear and tear than most rooms in the house. Kitchen renovation is usually done in Spring or Summer, so there is no better time than now to start your kitchen project. Kennedy Painting can transform your kitchen from faded and grimy to polished and chic. Our kitchen painting process is thorough and specific to each home‘s needs to ensure long-lasting, good-quality results. The outline of our process includes preparation, painting and clean-up.


The first step in our process is to prepare the area through dusting, masking floors and covering furniture. The biggest part of the preparation phase is surface preparation where we restore any damaged walls or cabinets as well as clean, strip (if needed), smooth, sand and prime the surfaces. The step ensures that the paint or staining products adhere properly to each surface.


Each of our painters are proficient in thorough and good-quality paint application. Our painting process ensures optimal paint performance and we work hard to meet or exceed the painting standards set by Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA).

Cabinet Painting

Our painters at Kennedy Painting are well-trained in cabinet refinishing. Refinishing cabinets is much more cost-effective then replacing your cabinets. If your cabinets are old and faded, contact us about restoring your cabinets.

Maintenance & Clean-Up

Our priority is customer satisfaction, and we respect each home by keeping the work-site clean and orderly throughout the painting process. At the end of project, we remove all masking materials, sweep and clean the area. We also meet with the homeowner throughout each job to review the status of the project to make sure they are well-informed and happy with the progress.

If your kitchen hasn’t been repainted in 3 or more years, repainting is the best option to restore a fresh appearance in your kitchen. If your kitchen needs repainting or if your cabinets need refacing, call Kennedy Painting at 314-952-0156 or contact us online to receive a free estimate.

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