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How to Paint a Bedroom Using a Roller in Town and Country, MO


Thanks to Howtopaintinfo for this great video!

There are a couple of really good points on how to paint a bedroom in this demonstration that we’ve elaborated on below:


  • Start half a roller’s distance out from the wall. Minute :40 This prevents you from leaving thick edges of paint in the corners and along the ceiling and baseboard. Roll up and down three or four swathes (making sure to overlap the previous edge). When there is still a lot of paint on your roller, go back and smooth the area with a systematic top to bottom roll. 



  • Start half a roller’s distance out from the previous freshly-painted section. After you apply the initial amount of paint in your roller, go back over your first sections and smooth out the rows with even strokes. Minute 1:38 “As the paint gets less and less…” you will feel the difference in the way the roller feels against the wall. This is when you switch from applying paint to smoothing out your strokes and blending the new section into the previous section you just painted.



  • Always keep your roller paint tray nearby, but on the other side of the wall you are painting. Saving yourself steps across the room makes you more efficient. Balancing proximity with keeping the tray out of the way from your paint area is one of the tricks that comes with experience. Minute 3:20 shows a good example.

Looking to Paint a Bedroom in Town and Country, MO?

While anyone can paint a bedroom, there are a lot of reasons why folks want to hire a professional interior painter. If time constraints or other situations are holding you back from that fresh look of a newly painted room, check out our services. We are always glad to give an estimate and do residential service work for our friends and neighbors in the 63131 area.

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