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Should I Paint or Stain My Fence? Outdoor Painting Tips for Glendale, MO.

We definitely recommend staining over painting. While there are good quality exterior latex paints, in regards to your wooden fence staining is the better way to go.

Painting wooden fence St Louis MOCracking or Fading? The Lesser of Two Evils with an Aging Wood Fence.

When choosing between the many options out there, an oil based paint will also last longer and increase the life of your fence. Outdoor fences suffer from the constant attack of rot, insects, wear, and tear. The benefit of an oil stain instead of acrylic paints is that a stain will begin to fade and get lighter, where a paint will begin to crack, crumble and peel; requiring almost instant attention.

Just because you go with a stain does not mean you can’t select a variety of color. There are a variety of different stains in greens, reds yellows and more.

Several specifics to consider when using an oil–based stain. 

  • Cover the house and nearby plants with heavy plastic to avoid spillover in areas you don’t want stained.
  • Clean the fence and sand it. You will want to sand the wood and then clean off the sawdust and dirt to prepare it for the stain.
  • Make sure the fence is dry. A newly installed cedar fence will need 5 weeks (or longer if wet and rainy). If you just pressure washed the fence you will need to let it dry (several days) as well. 
  • Get a rough roller and a staining brush. A staining brush is different than a regular paint brush. It is designed to hold up under the demands of staining and has a thicker and wider base of bristles.
  • Check the forecast. Wet weather in the forecast should cancel your stain project. You should try to have 3-5 clear days for the stain to sufficiently dry.

The goal of all these steps is to create long-lasting protection for your fence, increasing its lifespan and the beauty of your home.

Feel Overwhelmed by Your Outdoor Staining Project in 63122?

If you would like more advice in person, give us a call. We are happy to share best practices and give you a better idea of what you will need for your project.


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