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Plaster Repair in Clayton, MO

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Many homes with plaster wall have areas with cracking or buckling. In some cases what is underneath is far worse than what is seen. For example, in this home where we recently worked, we discovered a hairline crack was actually a 3’x4′ section of  failing plaster.





Products Used:

  • Structo-Lite – this is a base-coat for plaster that is a mill-mixed, light weight, perlite aggregate gypsum plaster that provides a high insulation factor. It conforms to various designs and helps achieve durability in walls and ceilings.
  • Light weight spackle – to skim-coat finish.
  • Primer with sealer – this seals the spackle and blends the finish into the other part of the wall.

It took one full day to repair what started as a hairline crack. Although issues like a small crack may seem minor, it is important to have it looked at and repaired before it gets worse. Similar to regular car maintenance, regular home maintenance can prevent larger problems from occurring.

If you have home small home maintenance project to be done, let us know if we can help you!

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